• Larkspur Community Center: Great place for Braden to do a workout.  They have indoor, year-round swimming too. Check the schedule for available swim times.  The membership number is 231835
  • Juniper Swim Center: A great outdoor swim center close to the house.  Check the schedule for swim times. The membership number is 231835
  • Tire Pull: The tire should be in the garage and ready to be pulled around the driveway.  Great workout!
  • Bend Rock Gym: Braden is a good climber and loves to climb with someone.  We have a punch card membership for him. Use the punch card for you and for him. It includes equipment.  The membership number is: 0019138.  The front desk will take care of it with the number.
  • Trampoline Zone Braden loves to jump most of the time. 😉
  • Rollerblades:  He has a pair at the house and is good on them.  Don’t forget the helmet, please.
  • Disc Golf:  Braden enjoys playing Disc Golf.  We usually do “Best ball” where the best throw is the next starting point.  He really enjoys tossing the disc into the basket.  RockRidge park in Bend is a great place to start.  Seventh Mountain resort has a good one too.