Independent Film Project


You have done a lot of work and learned a lot of skills this semester

You now understand the powers of:

  • Different camera angles
  • Cuts in film
  • Sound design
  • Camera movement
  • Storyboards


Create a 2-3 minute film using a genre and story that you create.  Consider using one of the following genres:

    • Scary movie
    • Music video
    • Chase scene
    • Public service announcement
    • Movie trailer
    • Commercial
    • Drama
    • Comedy
    • Other ideas you have approved by your teacher.

Steps to Success

  • Head to and develop your storyboard.  Change the template I have as needed.
  • Think about what cuts and camera angles you want to use
  • Think about what camera movement you want
  • Shoot way more footage than you need
  • Edit and put together a final piece of work