May 21, 2020


Create a 30 second commercial about a product that already exists (Airpods for example) or one that you make up (nose protector).

  • 25% showing people what the problem is
  • 50% Benefits (good parts) of the product.  How will people enjoy it?
  • 25% telling them to buy your product and how much it costs


Airpods (Real Product) Nose Protector (Made up Product)
Problem:  Wires, poor sound, hassle Problem: When you bump into a wall with your nose, it really hurts!
Benefits: Better sound, looks great, no wires, easy to charge, saves lives! Benefits:  People can no longer hurt you.  Your nose can hit walls
Buy: Two for one sale price.  Website address Buy: Price and website address

As part of your film, consider the following

  • What music and sound effects will you use?
  • What camera angles will you use?
  • What camera movement will you use?

Getting Started

  1. Brainstorm some product or service ideas here
  2. Decide on your product and share it on this form
  3. Goto and build a storyboard for the commercial assignment
    1. You may have to import a picture of your product
  4. Begin shooting your film
    1. Use lots of camera movement and different cuts
  5. Edit your film
    1. Add sound design including music (for emotions) and sound effects
  6. Add your brand Canva image at the end.
  7. Share you film on Flipboard

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