How It works

Live Discussion

  1. Teacher creates guiding questions
  2. Students take notes on the discussion BEFORE the live part starts (teachers can see those notes)
  3. Students “Tap In” to the discussion and will be able to interact. They have four options:
    1. New idea
    2. Challenge idea
    3. Build on the idea
    4. Ask a question
  4. Students vote on who they want to hear next (wow)
  5. Teach can create polls at any time.  Results are anonymous, but shared
  6. Teachers can send a one-way “nudge” to students to push them to participate or give feedback
  7. Class and teacher review the data from the class
    1. Who participated the most
    2. Types of contributions
    3. How we can improve next time
  8. Teacher can

Building a discussion

  1. Borrow from their library
  2. Build your own


Getting started guide

Video Tutorials