Falling Objects Assessment

Create a game where items fall from the sky and are caught by something on the bottom.  After reaching a certain score, then players go to the next level.  

Each level is more difficult.  For example, objects fall faster.

There should be a total of at least three levels.


Minimum Needed Scenes

  1. Start/Splash 
  2. YouWin
  3. YouLose
  4. Pause 
  5. Level 1
  6. Level 2
  7. Level 3

At Least These Actors

  1. Spawner
  2. Background actor 1
  3. Background actor 2
  4. Background actor 3
  5. Good Falling Object 1  (Tag as Point)
  6. Good Falling Object 2 ( Tag as Point)
  7. Good Falling Object 3 (Tag  as Point)
  8. Bad Falling Object 1( Tag  as Lose)
  9. Bad Falling Object 2 ( Tag as Lose)
  10. Basket or other actor to catch falling items
  11. DisplayScore Actor
  12. Pause
  13. YouWin
  14. GameOver

At least These Behaviors (code)

  1. Score
  2. Display text
  3. Random objects falling in random places
  4. Sound behavior
  5. Music behavior (played during the game)
  6. Move basket left
  7. Move basket right
  8. Destroy Actor


  1. WhichItem (actor level)
  2. Score (game level)
  3. Others that help set difficulty levels?


  • Use of tags for hazards and non hazards
  • Proper naming and syntax. For example, RuleSpawnBanana
  • All objects are transparent
  • Objects appear in random places  (X and Y)
  • Start screen must have instructions

Game Play

  • Each level becomes more difficult
  • Falling actors and catch actor are interesting and appropriate
  • Background, falling objects, basket and sounds all follow similar theme.  For example, if you had a Star Wars theme then you would use Star Wars characters and music.

Suggested Challenges

  • Different music at each level
  • Sounds during collision change at random
  • Random the backgrounds
  • Different sound for each object caught.
  • An extra actor that comes in at random and walks across the screen
    • What happens when that actor touches another actor?
  • Players set their own difficulty level
  • IF you hit a certain actor, then your basket slows down.
  • Animate some actors
  • Use Canva.com to make graphics
  • Play random sayings (But publishing works so bad for sounds)

….And more!!!…