Build Your Superhero Movie


Working with your group, build your superhero story that includes all your characters.  You can be one team out to save or take over the world.

Or you might want to be against each other.  Up to you!

Keep the film less than two minutes

Step by Step

  1. Storyboard your ideas on the whiteboard
  2. Develop your shotlist (two shots for each scene). Have one member of your group download it and share it with the other members.
  3. Share your ideas with a class teacher
  4. Shoot your film
  5. Edit
  6. Add credits at the front and beginning where you add the intro movie for your character. So fun!
  7. Turn it in.


Mr. Boll’s favorite superhero powers

  • Super speed
  • Strength
  • Fire thrower
  • Time travel
  • Mind reader
  • Sees the future
  • Superhuman agility
  • Talks to animals
  • Mind control
  • Fly
  • Teleport
  • Psychokinesis: move things with your mind
  • Invulnerability: Nothing can hurt you