Video Content Using EdPuzzle


Are you? 

  • Annoyed at not knowing if students are watching your videos?
  • Frustrated that you can’t ask questions to students as they watch content?
  • Wishing you had a way to see what kids are engaging with your videos and which are not?
  • Wishing you could find some content ready to go and use?
  • Looking for a way to ask questions of students to check for understanding?  Like when you are reading them stories?

SAMR Level: Modification

Possible Uses

  • “Force” students to watch lectures you have filmed
  • Check for understanding while they watch a story you are reading
  • Check for understanding on a set of video instructions you just gave
  • Have students stop, work on a math problem you gave, and then continue
  • And more from teacher Adam Hill in Hong Kong

Getting Started