Winter Sports: Sled, Snowshoe and Ski


Braden should have one or two sets of snowshoes in the garage. One for staff and one for him. Enjoy!


  • Virginia Meissner Snow Park
    • Great snowshoe trail and marked (on the left side).  Avoid the cross-country ski route/hill.  They get grumpy!
  • Edison Snow Park
    • Super awesome views and some of the best snowshoeing.  Further up the road than Virginia Meissner
  • Skyliner Snow Park
    • On the road to Tumalo Falls (another great place to shoe). Not always a lot of snow unlike the other places.


We have two sleds in the garage for Braden and anybody else to use.


  • Wanoga Snow Park
    • On the road to Mt. Bachelor, Wanoga has a MASSIVE snow hill and it is a lot of fun. Please have Braden wear his ski helmet (also in the garage).


Braden loves to ski and is a good skier.  All his equipment and pass should be in the garage.

Braden skis with Oregon Adaptive Sports on Mondays for lessons.

If you ski with Braden, please have him wear his yellow vest and put the ski patrol phone number in your phone: 541-693-0911