#10 Articulate Your Class Culture and Educator Impact


You, the teacher, are the most important and impactful part of the classroom experience. It is not always easy to bring in “you” and what you represent to the virtual world and this assignment is designed to help you outline your goals and communicate your class culture.


In 750 words or more explain how you will bring your personality and create a class culture to the virtual teaching words.

Suggested areas of focus

  • Your Mission. What is your overarching goal as you teach?
    • Example 1: My virtual classroom is a safe, interesting and entertaining space where students are members of a community.
    • Example 2 (Short): Virtual education that keeps student attention
  • Imparting your personality. How will you continue to show who you are through expectations and lesson design or look?
  • Class community. What tools should you leverage to ensure a feeling of class community with limited or no face-to-face interaction?
  • Fun. How do you keep your class run and interesting?
  • Assessment and feedback. How will your feedback change and evolve?
  • Parents. How are parents involved and how do you manage their expectations?