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Detailed Reviews


Create live discussions where students help decide how to move a conversation forward.


Wooclap enables you to "poll" and collect feedback from students in a live or post live setting.

Upsize Content Interaction with Kahoot!

From Kahoot... "Make learning fun, engaging, and impactful for students studying at home and in school. Create fun learning games in minutes, or choose from millions of existing games to introduce a topic, review and reinforce knowledge, and run formative assessment."

Screencast with Quicktime

All Macs have the program Quicktime built into them and it allows for video, audio and screen recording.  It is a good program for screen recording and a so so program for video recording. Usually, YouTube live streaming is easier and saves a few steps. 

Screencasting with ScreenCastify

While QuickTime screen recording works well for making a video without a video of you, ScreenCastify lets you do both: Shoot a video of you and of the screen. Students really prefer to see someone when they are hearing instructions.

Connect with Students in Flipgrid

Easily enable students to exchange video messages with you and each other in a secure environment

Video Content Using EdPuzzle

Make it easy for students to answer questions and generally interact with video content you find our make yourself.