#7 Decide on a Distribution Platform


With a virtual classroom, there is added pressure to design an attractive look that is engaging to students and helps them easily track what they need to do. This applies to the physical classroom as well. When posting work for students to complete on the web, having an attractive and consistent start page brings a sense of warmth and community to the experience.

A start page is simply the first place students go to see what they need to do. From there, you link to your resources. For example, a Google Classroom or Seesaw page.  

Having a consistent start page gives you full control over the message for the day so students know where to focus their attention.


  1. Explore the options below for designing a start page and distribution platform
  2. Decide on a platform for distributing content.  If it is not listed below, for example if your school uses a system such as Schoology, then please feel free to use that one. 
  3. In 250 words or more, explain which platform you intend to use, why that one was chosen, and what you see as its strengths and challenges.