April 10, 2020



  1. Watch the recording of our Zoom meeting below if you were not online when we met as a class.


  1. Open up this link for discussion
    1. Don’t add anything yet though
  2. Open up this Google Doc
  3. Share it with me
  4. Begin reflecting!

Some guiding questions to reflect upon:

    • How is Coding class different now?
    • What have you learned in Coding class??
    • Find one of your favorite projects/games 
    • Explain how this game shows things you have learned in Coding class
      1. Use of behaviors
      2. Attributes (Variables)
      3. Game design (making things more difficult, etc.)
      4. Use of graphics
      5. Use of sounds
      6. Story of your game
      7. Some parts of the code you are proud of figuring out how to build

Exit Ticket

Add your voice to FlipGrid: https://flipgrid.com/27cfa3bd

Always feel free to contact me:

Chat room: https://chat.google.com/room/AAAADXYM31E

Email: michaelb@isb.ac.th