Audio Cuts (L and J)


Audio cuts are very subtle yet really helpful for your story.  An audio cut is when we hear the sound before the scene begins OR after it begins.

There are two different types of audio cuts: The L cut and the J cut.

  • L cut you see and hear matches then carries over to the next scene
  • J cut you hear what is going on before you see it

Steps To Success

  1. Shoot two different scenes that you can use to show audio cuts.  Keep them each LESS than 30 seconds
    1. Use an L cut for one of them
    2. Use a J cut for the other one
  2. Make sure they are very different so they are very interesting
  3. Edit each of the cuts into one movie and title each separate cut
  4. Export the video to your desktop
  5. Name the movie as follows:  Your First name, Last Name, Assignment Name (Missing Person Video).
  6. Upload the video to Google Classroom
    1. See here for help.


Upload Your Finished Work

don’t forget first name, last name and assignment name