Green Screen


Green/Blue screens let you put anything you want behind you when you are doing the filming. You can put a picture of a waterfall or a movie of a plane flying. Totally up to you!

Steps To Success

  1. Get in front of the green or blue screen for the classroom and shoot a video. Think about what you will want in your background and how you will be reacting to that background.  For example, will a monster be chasing you? A fire burning at your feet? Make it interesting (yet appropriate).
  2. Find a background that is a still picture or a video from YouTube.  Download that video or picture and import it to iMovie.
  3. Add the green/blue screen effect.
    1. See this video for help.
    2. Clean it up a bit (see video for help)
  4. Export the movie
  5. Name the movie as follows: Your First name, Last Name, Assignment Name
  6. Upload the video to Google Classroom
    1. See here for help.


  • Can you do a green screen effect in reverse?  In other words, you import some green screen footage then add YOU as the background.  You are not shot on a green screen though. See my quick sample here. Use these effects if you wish.