Fast Mo Slow Mo and Freeze


A clever and creative use of fast, slow, freeze and reverse adds to the power of your video story.  It is fairly easy to use these tools and a lot harder to do so in a creative, interesting way!

Steps To Success

  1. Film something interesting and creative that you will want to change the speed of. For example falling, dancing, jumping, throwing something, etc.  Keep it less than one minute so we don’t get too bored watching it. 😉
  2. Add slow, fast, freeze and reverse to different parts.  You will need to cut up your movie to make this happen.
    1. See here for how to do it.
    2. Label each part in the way I did here
  3. Export your movie to your desktop
  4. Name the movie as follows: Your First name, Last Name, Assignment Name
  5. Upload the video to Google Classroom
    1. See here for help.