Scary Horror Film Assignment

Create a three minutes or less horror film that will scare and entertain your audience.

Scary Film Formula

  1. Show a beautiful, happy place
  2. Convert it to a scary, unhappy place
    1. Filters, sounds, etc.
  3. Find a main actor who wants to go to the scary place
  4. Find a friend(s) who does not want to go
  5. Find a reason to go to the scary place
  6. Have someone say don’t go to that scary place
  7. Make random things move in the scary place
  8. Have a monster take friend(s) away
  9. The main character escapes

Steps to success

  1. Pre Production

    1. Planning and storyboarding
      1. Camera angles, cut types, movement (dolly shots)
        1. Tilt up, tilt down
        2. Push in
        3. Pull back
        4. Side shot
        5. Tracking shot (person walking, you move along with them)
  2. Production

    1. Always shoot MORE film than you will need.  
      1. For example, if someone in your group has a different idea, shoot it.  Why not?
  3. Post Production

    1. Edit the film
    2. Choose final cuts
    3. Sound design around the film
      1. Music
      2. Dialog
      3. Sound effects


Horror Film Story Board