Split, Trim and Delete a Clip

Make your movies look a zillions times better and more interesting by splitting, trimming and deleting unwanted parts of your film. This also lets you move things around to create a more interesting final film.

Steps to Success

  1. Shoot 30 seconds of film that shows you alone or with a friend.
    1. Talk about something interesting to you. Don’t worry too much about the content, we just need something to edit.
  2. Take that film and split it apart in a good place. Trim parts. Delete what you don’t need.
    1. Move those split parts around to create a neat, interesting story line.
    2. See here for help.
  1. Open up iMovie and create a new movie
  2. Export your work
  3. Submit it to the Google Classroom
  4. Export your movie to your desktop
  5. Name the movie as follows: Your First name, Last Name, Assignment Name
  6. Upload the video to Google Classroom

See here for help.