Building Layers of Sound

Sound may be the most important part of any film. Sounds control people’s emotions and their overall “feel” for the movie.

Having strong sound will make your audience very happy and you, hopefully, very famous.

Steps To Success

  1. Watch opening scene for Baby Driver
  2. Look at the two different Baby Driver scenes in this folder
  3. Pick one you would like to add sound to
  4. Import the film clip into iMovie
  5. Add three different layers of sound
    1. Music to create the mood for the audience
    2. Real life sounds to improve the experience for the audience
      1. Car passing by
      2. Police sirens
      3. Fast cars
      4. Other ideas you have
    3. Dialog that you add. Use your voice, your friends, etc.
  6. Export the film, upload to Google Classroom.