Upsize Content Interaction with Kahoot!

From Kahoot… “Make learning fun, engaging, and impactful for students studying at home and in school. Create fun learning games in minutes, or choose from millions of existing games to introduce a topic, review and reinforce knowledge, and run formative assessment.”

With that description how could you go wrong? 😉

Getting Started

  1. Sign up here first
  2. Go pro (for free) here.
  3. Build a Kahoot or two
  4. Send students to
    1. Ask them to enter the pin for the quiz you created.  Something like: 381827

Possible Uses

  1. Play games live together
  2. Have students work at their own pace
  3. Warm up for class
  4. Discussion questions where even the introverts feel comfortable.

Check out a zillion ideas, including many you can import, here.