Can’t Stop the Feeling Remake


Working with some partners, do a remix of the first 30-45 seconds of the video Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake

You will find people, including yourself, to do some dance moves.  You will then cut out the existing dance moves in the video and add the moves that you shoot.

It is easy to just shoot some video of people dancing and cut it in.  It is much more challenging to consider some of these elements when you shoot.

  • Movement:  What type of movement will the camera do? Push in, pull back, tracking, pan up or down?
  • Location: Where will you shoot the dance moves?  Justin Timberlake goes all over Los Angeles
  • Variety: Your video should have super short clips with a lot of variety as you cut from one dance to the next and back and forward and more.
  • Group Moves:  Can you get people to dance together in a group setting?
  • Camera Angles: What camera angles will you use?  Close up? Medium, Dutch, Bird’s Eye, Low, High?

Steps to Success