Camera Angles In Ten Pictures

Camera angles are one of the most important parts of a film. Selecting the right camera angle helps you to communicate the right idea, action, emotion and more.


Create a 10 shot (pictures, not film) video using at least six different camera angles.

Although this is a group project,  all of you will edit your own movie.

Steps To Success

    1. Brainstorm and develop a short story
      1. See here for ideas if you need them.
    2. Storyboard the 10 shots
    3. Get approval for the film from a teacher
    4. Shoot
    5. Offload camera shots
    6. Edit your film
      1. Every person has to create their own edit
      2. Label EVERY Camera angle
      3. Add music and sounds (Sound design)
      4. Add a voice over if you want (Optional)
  1. Export Your Movie
  2. Name the movie as follows: Your First name, Last Name, Assignment Name
  3. Upload the video to Google Classroom
    1. See here for help.


Some Camera Angle Choices

  1. Wide/Long Shot
  2. Full Shot
  3. Middle Shot
  4. Closeup
  5. Extreme Close Up
  6. Low Angle
  7. High Angle
  8. Dutch Angle
  9. Establishing Shot
  10. Pan Left or Right Shot