You’ve Got a Friend in Me

As we know, music is a powerful way to create emotion for people that watch your movies. We are going to make a video to the song “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.”

Steps To Success

  1. With your group (random) brainstorm a story that works with the song.
    1. Random acts of kindness work well
    2. Or other ideas you might have
  2. Storyboard the idea
  3. Shoot the scenes
  4. Edit
  5. Export the video to your desktop
  6. Name the movie as follows:  Your First name, Last Name, Assignment Name
  7. Upload the video to Google Classroom
    1. See here for help.


  • The story must be between 60-120 seconds. The song is only two minutes long.
  • No dialog allowed
    • Sound effects are ok though
  • Clips should be NO longer than five seconds each. Shorter is better.
    • Must use multiple, different camera angles
    • Must use different cuts (see the poster in the classroom)